TV power consumption vary significantly based on the display technology used, manufacturer and build quality and the size of the screen.

You can use the chart below to get the wattage of your TV or just google your TV model with its brand name and you should be able to find it’s wattage.

If you want to use the TV power consumption calculator then feel free to scroll down the page to use it.

LCD/LED TV Power Wattage Chart:

24 Inch TV
50 Watts
40 Watts
32 Inch TV
70 Watts
50 Watts
37 Inch TV
80 Watts
60 Watts
42 Inch TV
120 Watts
80 Watts
50 Inch TV
150 Watts
100 Watts

To use the LED TV power consumption calculator to calculate the power consumption of your TV and interpret the results correctly you should know the following terms.

  • What is Watt (W) – Watt is a unit of power. It means the rate at which electricity is consumed or produced by a device. For example a 50 watt TV consumes power at a rate of 50 watts per hour, it does not mean that the TV consumed 50 units of electricity, it means it will consume power at a rate of 50 watts every hour.
  • What is Kilowatt (kW) – Kilowatt is also a unit of power. Kilowatt (KW) is used for large devices that consume more power. For example a 1.5 kW air conditioner, 6 kW elevator. There are bigger units like Megawatt (MW), Gigawatt (GW) to describe large power consumption or generation. For example 100 Megawatt (MW) coal power plant.(1 kW = 1000 W)
  • What is a Kilowatt hour (kWh) – Units as described in electricity bill a.k.a kilowatt hour is the energy consumption of a device. For example a 50 watt Television (TV) running for 50 hours will consume 50 watt x 50 hours = 2500 watt hours = 2.5 kilowatt hours of electricity = 2.5 units of electricity.(1 kWh of electricity = 1 unit of electricity)
  • Electricity Tariff – Electricity tariff is the amount the electricity provider charges you for one unit (kWh) of electricity. I live in Mumbai, India here the electricity tariff is Rs 12/kWh. If you don’t know how to calculate your tariff then just divide your total bill by monthly power consumption and you will get your electricity tariff.
  • What is operational hours – Operational hours of a device refers to how many hours the device is working. If you run your television for 3 hours then operational hours of your television is 3 hours.

To calculate your LED TV power consumption (or any TV power consumption) just put the wattage of your TV, operational hours and electricity tariff in your locality and you will get the units of electricity your TV will consumed and the impact it will have on your electricity bill.

Calculate Power Consumption of A TV:

The above value is only for power consumption of your television, but every time you use your TV it is always hooked to a setup box and at time a home theater system. Hence the total power consumption of your Television will be slightly more.

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