How To maximize your roofs solar capacity?

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When going solar most people face problems like insufficient shadow free space, limited Module Rating Options, etc., making it difficult to make the right choice while looking to reduce their electricity bill. All these problems can be resolved by using the latest MonoPERC, Half Cut, higher wattage solar modules.

When it comes to the highest wattage solar modules with the latest technology that performs well in low light and shadow conditions in India, there is no better solar module than the Jakson Solar Helia Series modules. There are enormous benefits of using the Helia Series  of solar modules, as it is  manufactured with latest technology M10 size high efficiency solar cells.

Comparing 350 Watt, 400 watt and 590 watt solar modules:

Let me demonstrate this using a simple example.

I have a considered a 1300 sqft metal roof (1290 sqft to be exact), and have drawn three designs.

In the first design, I have installed conventional 350 watts solar modules, in the second design I have installed 400 watt solar modules and in the third design I have installed the Jakson Solar Helia Series 590 watt modules.

total solar capacity by using 350 watt solar modules

As you can clearly see from the above design, when we use 350 watts module which has an approximate size of 2meters X 1meters with the clamping system, we can install 52 modules on a 1,300 sqft roof, this turns out to be 18.2 kW.

Similarly, if we use 400 Wp module which also has the same size of 2.1 meters X 1.1 meters with the clamping system, we can install the same 45 modules but this turns out to 18kW in capacity.

In this case because of the roof dimension, we are actually able to get less solar capacity by using a higher watt solar panel.

total solar capacity by using 400 watt solar modules

But when we opt for Jakson Solar Helia Series 590 watts module which has an approximate size of 2.474 meters X 1.136 meters, we can install 36 modules on the same roof but this time around, the capacity turns out to be 21.24 kW.

This is around 17.78 % increase in the overall solar power plant capacity in comparison to when we use 350- and 400-watts modules.

total solar capacity by using Jakson solar 590 watt solar modules

Now this increment might appear nominal but let’s add up the savings in the electricity bill you will get because of this overall increase in solar power capacity.

actual Savings over 25 years by using higher wattage solar modules:

To give you an exact idea of how much more money you can save by going with the Jakson Solar Helia Series module, electricity bill savings calculation has been done below. Given below is a simple comparison to show you how much more money this can save you in a span of 25 years (average solar modules warranty).

But before going through the analysis there are a few pointers to consider. For the below calculations, that average monthly power generation from 1kW solar system has been assumed to be 115 kWh, electricity tariff to be Rs 10/kWh, also for simpler calculation, the annual power degradation which we get with every solar module has not been considered.

As you can see from the above table, by using the Jakson solar Helia series 590 watts solar modules we can save around Rs 3,450 more monthly, Rs 41,400 more annually and Rs 10,35,000 more in the span of 25 years in comparison to the standard solar modules.

One thing I would like to point out is, while doing this calculation I have not even considered the 21% efficiency which the Helia series offers, so you can think for yourself, going for a higher wattage solar module with higher efficiency is a wise choice.

A small disclaimer, before going for a higher wattage solar panel:  It is best to design a 3D model and get an idea of the overall solar capacity you will get with different wattage modules.

As higher wattage panels are normally bigger in size & weight, sometimes because of the roof dimensions you may not be able to install bigger size solar modules. Helia Series also offer ratings of 450Wp, 500Wp & 545 Wp to choose from as per your specific requirement to get maximum benefit from solar system. 

With all the above benefits you saw of using the Jakson Solar Helia Series PV modules, let me give you a brief about the PV module and several other benefits it offers:

  • The Jakson Solar Helia Series modules are the First Made in India PV Modules to have an efficiency of over 21% – This is possible because of their dedicated R&D department and their best in class, state of the art fully automated module manufacturing plant.
  • The Helia series modules are available in both monofacial and bifacial categories, with variants ranging from 120, 132, 144, to 156 half-cut cells configuration. The bifacial range of Helia modules offer an additional power gain of up to 15% from the rear side of the modules due to the use of transparent back sheet or glass to glass.
  • The modules are available in a range of power Rating from 450 Wp up to 600 Wp.
  • The Helia series PV modules are equipped with multi-busbar technology (MBB) and high-density interconnections enabling it to provide significantly better output at higher temperatures and under low-light/ shading conditions.
  • The Helia series of PV modules have 25 years of performance warranty and 12 years of product workmanship warranty, which is the best in the industry.
  • The modules have improved Temperature Coefficient of Pmax (- 0.35%/deg Celsius), this results in better power generation at higher temperatures.
  • The modules have Low LID Degradation because of the PERC Technology, this gives better power generation during its Life Cycle year on year.

To conclude this article, I would like to say that if your solar installation company has told you that you don’t have enough area to completely save your electricity bill after going solar, ask them for the higher wattage solar modules like the 590 watts Jakson Solar Helia Series because, as you saw above, in the same area you can get 10 %– 20 % more solar capacity installed which in the long run will give you tremendous savings.

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