7 Best Solar Lamps in India (Portable, Fixed, Decorative)

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Solar lights have made new headway in technology with growing concerns over saving electricity and reducing it to minimum consumption. Solar-powered energy sources will create a new generation of lightings in India.

Conserving electricity objective has been doing rounds for decades and people around are taking it seriously. With many solar-powered products like solar cookers, solar heater, solar chimney being adopted by maximum households, solar lanterns for both indoors and outdoors will be the current trend.

What’s exciting about solar lanterns?

Obviously, the working goes like recharge your lantern during the daytime and use it at night. The traditional idea with a new concept. In rural areas, people suffer huge power cuts were finding an alternate source like a torch with no batteries or candles which for sure has vanished from almost all households, or if talk about any emergency finding a reliable source of light can be a heavy task.

This is when solar lanterns come to the rescue and its single charge can go about 4-5 hours which is amazing.

The best part is you can enhance your garden area or outdoors with decorative solar lanterns, just hang them and sit back enjoying the blissful beam.

In this article we will see 7 best solar power lamps, the first three are outdoor decorative solar lamps which most of us can use as a permanent source of lights for gardens, outdoor areas and the rest are portable solar lights which you can take anywhere.

1. XERGY Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof Dancing Fire Mashaal Flame:

I am sure that you are not familiar with this brand name ‘XERGY’. This is an Indian brand specialized in Solar lights and other solar products. 

Although it isn’t a renowned brand but it is gaining and designing its brand image in its customer’s mind due to its outstanding products.

Now let’s come on the solar light; this solar light is outstanding when it comes on design, energy savings and weather resistant. As a result, that’s why this solar light stands on the first place.

This is specially designed for Gardens as it enhances the decor of gardens by its soft glow. It gives you real feel of flam torch in your garden with safety.


  • The light consists of 3 lightning modes; Torch Mode, Breath Mode & Lighting Mode 
  • It is 100% waterproof and weather resistant so that it can work on a rainy day.
  • This model doesn’t need any battery and includes an auto On/Off feature from dusk to dawn.
  • Its design is according to the dancing flame in the candlelight that creates a decent environment.

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2. Hardoll Solar Decorative Lights for Home Garden Outdoor:

Now again Hardoll has conquered the place for its best solar lights. This model by Hardoll comes with an elegant design that enhances the garden view.

These are a little bit different from the above-mentioned light because it is a multicolor light. It includes 4 different colors so that you can choose manually. Moreover, these lights contain 20 LED lights with 5 different modes that allow you to add a decent look to your garden.

Moving on to the battery; these contain rechargeable batteries for more than 10 hours if fully charged. Moreover, it charges automatically during the day. Overall, it is a durable product for all weather conditions.


  • This model consists of high efficient solar panels that gets auto charged in less time.
  • It is a fully water-resistant product that can easily bear any harsh weather conditions.
  • The installation feature of this model is very easy and feasible.
  • By its Multi-colour technology, it adds a unique and fascinating flavor to your garden.  

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3. Hardoll Solar Lights for Home Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches:

Here is the next brand solar light for you by Hardoll Company. This is not a famous brand but an Indian brand. Hardoll Enterprises are flawless in manufacturing one of the best solar lights with all the features of motion and technology. 

This model by Hardoll contains one of the best designs for Garden and Outdoors. It’s beautiful design and dancing flame effect adds a mesmerizing look to your gardens.

As a result, this is a very safe substitute to the real flame without any issue. Moreover, it can sustain in any weather conditions and can be charged in 8 hours and can provide light for 10 hours. 


  • This is an Eco-friendly solar light that charges full day and automatically turns on at dusk.
  • The design of this model adds a unique decor to your garden and enhances the surroundings.
  • It is a weather resistant model that can withstand all types of weather and even work on hard days.
  • These torches are quite inexpensive that can be easily bought under the budget.

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4. Preyank Solar 10X Solar Light Path Garden Outdoor:

Preyank Solar lights stood fourth in this list as these solar lights add a decent look to your gardens and outdoors. The design of these lights is very beautiful and requires low maintenance. 

This is a must product for everyone’s garden and pathways. The installation process of this product is very easy and is not much inexpensive. 

The body of these lights are made up of plastic material and is a durable product that can withstand downpour and harsh weather conditions.


  • The panels of the product are made up of poly crystalline panels.
  • It is auto On/Off product that automatically turns on at dusk.
  • The lights are decorative in design that enhances the beauty of the garden.
  • It consists of ultra-bright LED lighting bulbs that provide you best brightness.

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5. Sun King Boom Portable Solar Lamp:

Now, we come onto the solar lamps because these are very essential items in case of any power cuts and emergency lights. 

This model comes with LED white power with a number of 160 flux. The solar frame with this lamp consists of polycrystalline panel along with an aluminium frame and 5 metre wire. 

The battery of this product is around 3000mah that provides a good backup for the lamp. The solar lamp contains a feature of FM radio with internal antenna that can store up to 10 channels. 

Moreover, along with FM radio it also comes up with the speaker/earphone jack that allows you to connect with any speaker and earphone.  


  • The Led Display Indicator shows the battery power, FM frequency and Soundtrack.
  • The polycarbonate plastics of this lamp make it a durable item.
  • It also consists of a SD card slot that increases the storage. 
  • This is a water resistant product that enhances its durability.

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6. MGM ENTERPRISES Rechargeable Torch Style Solar Lamp:

This is a solar emergency light which comes up with 6 LED lights that provides a good quality of lighting. Talking about the battery backup; it provides a good quality backup of around 2 to 3 hours with one charge. 

The compact design of this product makes it suitable and versatile for any kind of conditions. For instance, you can use it in your camping trip and border lighting.

Its two convenient hands make it suitable for hanging it on walls. 


  • It contains super bright 6 LED bulbs.
  • The battery backup of 2 to 3 hours is good enough.
  • It is a versatile product and can be used in any conditions.

7. Light S30 Portable Solar Lantern:

This is a simple and compact product that covers a small area and can be taken to any place. It consists of an excellent solar panel that can charge the device even in cloudy days. 

The metal hanging wire of this product allows you to carry it easily and it can be used for hanging it on the walls. There is a Smart LED Indicator for Solar charge that shows the battery level. 

Along with this, it is a tough and durable device that can sustain on any weather conditions either sunny or rainy.


  • The battery of this model contains 60,000 hours of lifetime.
  • This product carries bright LED light bulbs.
  • Its tough design enhances its durability and withstands any weather conditions.

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Benefits of solar lanterns:

Past few decades have witnessed emergence of solar energy as a goal for sustainable development as the best form of renewable energy.

Therefore you must be too inquisitive about new solar lanterns advantages how it will affect our normal life. So here it is;

  • Environment friendly-Minimal use of our environment precious resources is done by solar lanterns by slowly acquiring the required solar energy, keeping in mind to reduce carbon emissions produced from other sources of energy.
  • No limit- Sun is going nowhere so do its energy, which means that ample amount of inexhaustible energy is available, just take best out of it.
  • Get rid of heavy electricity bills, with solar lanterns that will allow you to use a natural source of energy, just charge it in the daytime, use it at night with no use of electricity.
  • Cost-effective- No technicians required for installations, you can do that stuff according to your choice.
  • Little Maintenance- What kind of Maintenance a pretty solar lantern wants just a little cleaning to blow away dust. THAT’S IT!

Solar Lantern Buying Guide: 

The solar lanterns are almost new in the market, which makes people more exciting for new purchase but before that many of us get stuck in confusion or questions which is liable.

Hence, we got you a detailed analysis as to how to go about it.

What Are Different Types Of Solar Lanterns?

You must know what kinds of lanterns are available in the market and accordingly, you buy.

  1. DECORATIVE LANTERN– When you want to light up your room or outdoor with light, this will work well. Even as a decorative and shiny purpose, you can choose among a variety of decorative lanterns. Do look what kind of lantern will suit your decor.
  2. CAMPAIGN LANTERN-A campaign plan requires many aspects of food, shelter and light. The light purpose is solved as you got light-weighted, long-lasting or waterproof solar lantern by your side, which will make your trip more enjoyable.
  3. FOR EMERGENCIES- A simple solar lantern which will make your things easy when there is a blackout, electricity cut or have to go somewhere in the darkness.

What Points You Should Keep In Mind?

  1. How it works-On the whole, most lanterns would work on switch off and on the button but check the manual carefully about the working process before use.
  2. Battery life-The longer the battery life, the more convenience it will be for you to use. Battery life matters as many times a cloudy day occurs which can cease the usage until and unless it is already charged. 


Its high time we start using natural or renewable source of energy which will give us sense of responsibility towards nature and enjoy the uniqueness at the same time.

The above solar lights will go perfect for indoors or outdoors. 

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