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Power consumption of pump is higher than most of the other appliances that we use. In today’s time almost all household, buildings, factories, farms use water pump to pump water to their storage tank or pump water from point A to point B.

One thing is for sure whether you use centrifugal water pump or any other type the power consumption of water pump is high.

The power consumption of a water pump depends on the following three main factors, 

  1. Wattage of water pump: Watt is a unit of power. It means the rate at which electricity is consumed or produced by a device. For example a 50 watt TV consumes power at a rate of 50 watts per hour, it does not mean that the TV consumed 50 units of electricity, it means it will consume power at a rate of 50 watts every hour.
  2. Operational hours of water pump: Operational hours of any appliance refers to number of hours the appliance is working. If you run your water pump for 3 hours then operational hours of will be 3 hours.
  3. Electricity Tariff:  Electricity tariff is the amount the electricity provider charges you for one unit (kWh) of electricity. I live in Mumbai, India here the electricity tariff is Rs 12/kWh. If you don’t know how to calculate your tariff then just divide your total bill by monthly power consumption and you will get your electricity tariff.Power

To calculate the power consumption of your water pump just put the wattage of your water pump, operational hours and electricity tariff of your locality and you will get the units of electricity consumed by your water pump and the impact it has on your electricity bill.

You can find your water pump rated wattage on the specification plate which is normally pasted on the pump.

If you can’t find the rated power of your water pump over there, then just find a similar type water pump on amazon and check its wattage in the description or go to your water pump manufacturer website and there you can find the wattage.

To give you a rough estimate the average rated power of water pump is from 250 watts to 1500 watts.  Smaller the water pump, less is the wattage, less is the power consumption, hence low is the discharge and head.

If the rated power is given in horse power (hp) then convert it to watt by multiplying it with 746. (1 hp = 746 watt).

The kilowatt hour consumed by the appliance is the number of units of electricity your water pump consumes in that much amount of time. 

Calculate Power Consumption Of Water Pump Using Kill A Watt Meter:

The above calculated result will have 10% error on either side, so if you want to know the exact power consumption of your water pump then you can do that by using a Kill A Watt Meter. 

Kill A Watt Meter is a simple device which gives real time data of power consumption of any device.

You can check it on amazon using this link – Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

To use a kill a watt meter to calculate the power consumption of your water pump, first you have to connect the water pump plug into the kill a watt meter and then plug the kill a watt meter in your wall socket and you are good to go.

Then start using the water pump and you can see in real time how many kWh (units) of electricity your water pump is consuming.

To get exact power consumption it is advised to take the reading for 3-7 days of operation.

Check out this tutorial video from altE to understand how to use a kill A Watt Meter to track your appliance energy consumption.

Solar Water Pump To Reduce Electricity Bill:


If you are using your water pump only during the day when the sun is shining, then you can choose to install a solar water pump. 

In a solar water pump, electricity generated from the solar panels is used to run the water pump, this way you don’t have to rely on the utility grid to run your water pump and at the end of the month you won’t get any electricity bill to run your pump.

The only downside to solar water pump is that you cannot run it at night since there is no sun at night and no sun means no solar panels generation.

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