Watt To Kilowatt Hour:

watt to kilowatt hour converter

Using this simple watt to kilowatt hour calculator you can easily convert watt to kilowatt hours, all you have to do is enter the wattage, operational hours and kilowatt hour is calculated.

If you don’t know what is wattage and kilowatt hour please read the explanation below the calculator before using it.

Now that you have calculated your results let’s take some time to understand few definitions to get a feel for your calculated result.

1. Watt (W) – Watt is the unit of power. In simple terms watt indicates the rate at which a device consumes power.

For example, a 100 watt LED TV will consume power at a rate of 100 watts every hour, it does not mean it will consume 100 units of power.

To find the wattage of average household appliances check out this list – Wattage and power consumption of 106 household appliances.

Most appliances have stickers on their back or bottom which has their rated wattage (max wattage).

2. Kilowatt (kW) – Kilowatt is also a unit of power, it is used to define larger wattage’s. Just like we use kilogram for larger weights and grams for smaller weight in the same way we use kilowatt to define higher wattage and watt for lower wattage.

Simple conversion is 1 kilowatt = 1000 watt.

For example., you might have heard a 2 kW water heater, 2 kW just means 2000 watts.

3. Kilowatt Hour (kWh) – Kilowatt hour is the actual power consumption of an appliance. It means the amount of electricity a device consumes in an hour.

For example, a 70 watt ceiling fan running for 20 hours will consume (70 watt X 20 hours) 1400 watt hour or 1.4 kWh.

If the same fan is running for 10 hours daily for the entire month, it will consume (70 watt X 10 hours X 30 days) 21,000 watt hour or 21 kilowatt hour (kWh).

How To Calculate Watt To Kilowatt Hour Manually:

To calculate watt to kilowatt hour manually just follow these simple steps:

  1. Identify the wattage – Know the wattage required for the calculation.
  2. Identify the operational hours – Know the operational hours needed for your calculation.
  3. Multiply the wattage with operational hours to calculate watt hours.
  4. Divide the watt hours by 1000 to calculate the kilowatt hour.

For example, lets calculate the power consumed by a 10 watt bulb if it runs for 24 hours in a day for the entire month.

  1. Wattage – 10 watts.
  2. Operational hours in the entire month- 24 X 30 – 720 hours.
  3. Power consumed in watt hour – 720 X 10 – 7,200 watt hour.
  4. Power consumed in kilowatt hour (kWh) – 7.20 kWh.

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